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Support Document w/ land information

Our goal is to have a Bark Park (dog park) within our Goshen city limits built so that our furry family members have a safe off-leash place of their own. Our Bark Park is currently being organized by five Goshen resident volunteer members the Bark Park Committee, with the City of Goshen's enthusiastic support. Currently the volunteers are developing a master plan that will be presented to city officials, with hopes of allowing park land to be used for our Bark Park, for all dogs. If you or your organization would like to donate to the construction of Goshen Bark Park, please see the How to Donate information below. Also, if you have any questions or concerns please email bark@goshenbarkpark.com. Thanks for taking the time to look into the Goshen Bark Park, and we hope you will help by contributing toward bringing Goshen its Bark Park!

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How To Donate:

A "Gift" account with the City of Goshen has officially been set-up! If you would like to donate to the cause please make all checks payable to "City of Goshen - Bark Park Gift" and send or hand deliver to:

Clerk-Treasurer Office
City Hall
202 S. 5th St.
Goshen, IN 46528-3714

The City of Goshen and Goshen Bark Park are pleased to let all donators know that all donations, past, present and future are Tax Deductible! If you donate and request a receipt you will receive a scanned copy from bark@goshenbarkpark.com. Please contact bark@goshenbarkpark.com with any questions!


Story for your heart!

At the Annual Bark in the Park at Ob Bow there was a young man you made dog beds and gave them to animal shelters across the United States. One might think what is so speical about that, well this young man whose name is Hunter spends his free time creating dog beds and giving them to dogs and cats in need for FREE! The supports of Goshen Bark Park had a chance to meet Hunter and were touched by his efforts and huge heart to help animals in need. To help Hunter and his organization Hunters Hounds, Goshen Bark Park promised to include information about Hunters Hounds here on the website. To contact Hunter and learn more about how you can help email huntershelpinghounds@gmail.com Also check out Hunters Hounds Facebook page!


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