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$1,300 Raised for the Goshen Bark Park

We raised $1,300 dollars for the Goshen Bark Park Project!

Thanks to the Nelsons Chicken Fundraiser we were able to raise $1,300 for the Goshen Bark Park project, these funds will help us create more funding opportunities!


The next fundraiser is currently being planned for a Movie weekend at the Goshen Theater, the date and times have yet to be confirmed. We will be playing Marley & Me at the Goshen Theater this Summer or Fall and all proceeds will go to the Goshen Bark Park. Beyond that, we are working with the Goshen Parks department coordinate a ‘Tails on Trails’ event, more info on that coming soon!

The Goshen Bark Park would like to thank the following for their time spent volunteering for the Nelsons Chicken Event!


  • All those who purchased some Nelson’s Chicken!

East Bay SPCA - Goshen Bark Park

Local SPCA Does a Great Cover of “Uptown Funk” Starring Dogs Who Need Adopting

The great thing about this video is once the Goshen Bark Park is up and running, local adaptation and pet safety events will be held at the Future Location of the Goshen Bark Park! We plan to coordinate with the Elkhart County Humane Society!

Great Danes. Dachshunds. Pit Bulls. And so much more are in this cute, funny, and important video filmed at the East Bay SPCA.

The clip does does an awesome job of bringing attention to the many dogs who are in desperate need of adoption. It’s a catchy video with some great moments that will put a smile on your face while helping to spread the word on adoption and spaying and neutering one’s dogs.

Check out the video, it’s quite funny!